qb Paddle FG FG full fiberglass paddle blade and shaft
qb Paddle FG FG full fiberglass paddle blade and shaft

The qb paddle kanaha FG with a FG shaft and a FG blade is one of the most popular options of a quickblade paddle.

In our opinion it gives you the most economic option for a high quality paddle.

The Fiber glas shaft saves weights just little more then the carbon shaft.

The FG blade designed after the best streaming performance and newest technology.

  • fiberglas shaft
  • blade length 16”
  • blade width 8.3”
  • blade area 90 sq.
  • angle of blade 10°
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qb Paddle Sweeper Series adjustable or fixed
qb Paddle Sweeper Series adjustable or fixed

the qb paddle sweeper series are the most economic paddles in the wide range quickblade offers.

The sweeper adjustable has a fiberglas shaft and a fiberglas filed nylon blade it is the perfect paddle to start with if you are new to the sport.

the paddles from quick blade are not only the lightest they have as well some of the best and most effective blades on the market.

And in the case of the sweeper paddles they offer the best know how on the market with the most economic materials.

and that explains the price.

As a brand from the competitive sports offers quickplade here a Professional paddle with all the features a modern SUP paddle needs.

You get the best paddle you can get for that price.

A paddle that is developed after the newest perception.

  • nylon blade filled with fiberglass
  • fiberglass shaftFiberglasschaft
  • Size S= 8.3″x16″ = SSI 30
  • weight= 25 oz.q
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