Inflatable SUP Boards (stand up paddle boards)

Hydra 11.6 PFT WIND Surf SUP Siren Allround SUP Board
Hydra 11.6 PFT WIND Surf SUP Siren Allround SUP Board

The sable and und geradliniger Allrounder mit optimalem Auftrieb für schwere Paddler – egal ob auf ausgedehnten Touren, beim SUP-Fitness oder als WINDSUP.

Technical data:

lengh: 354cm (11′ 7″)

width: 81cm (31″2/3)

weight: 11.3kg

Describtion: Let‘s go surfing! The large allrund SUP Board . Now with windsurf option! You can even go wind surfing with your siren SUP board.

The smooth running and and its direction stability gives you a very versatile board for all purposes and the whole family even for larger Paddler it has the right volume and size.

For advanced Paddler and light winds the Hydra PFT gives you the perfect Wind surfboard to compliment the fun.

Delivery: We will ship the board in a strong cardboard box. The package contains: Board, Fin,additional handle, luggage rope, backpack trolly with weels and carrying straps, user manual and warranty sheet, pump and repair kit.

Usability: All SIREN Boards are suitable for seawater and because of high quality materials and craftsmanship extremely durable and resistant.

Deliverytime:  Wi ship via parcel service. The usual delivery time is between 3 and 6 workdays.

volume: 271ltr

Fin: US-Box

Material: Dropstitch.

Operational area: river, lakes, ocean
Strength: Allround board, Touring SUP, River SUP, WINDSUP

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Mahi 10.6 PFT Touring Yoga & Fitness SUP Board
Mahi 10.6 PFT Touring Yoga & Fitness SUP Board

Technical data: length: 323cm 10’6″, width: 83cm 32 2/3″, weight: 9,6kg, volume: 225ltr, fon: US-Box, material: Dropstitch.

Description :
The Mahi PFT is one of the most versatile SUP Boards and very suitable as a Fitness SUP Board. With the Shape of the classic Mahi-allround board it fits the needs of all paddlers, who are looking for a allround board. In addition we added to the MAHI PFT Signature Line a bigger deck pad and handless on the sides of the board to optimize its usability as a Yoga- and Fitness board.

we ship from Germany. All boards come with: fin, additional handle, luggage line, trolley backpack with feels and carry straps, manual, warranty, pump and repair kit.

all SIREN Boards are seawater proof and because of the high quality production methods and newest technology extremely  resistant and durable!

Delivery time: 
we ship via parcel service. the delivery time depends and vary on the country.

its the alround board itself in our range. A family board ,with the ability as a SUP Yoga or Fitness Board and even for small waves and short tours. Agil and even faster as the snapper.

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