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Fin Key
Fin Key FCS and Futures

The Futures Fins fin key is a must have for any surf adventure whether it’s down the road or around the world.

This fin key has a built in key loop hole and a metal key piece. This handy little thing will work on almost any fin type (including Futures Fins and FCS).

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leash plug 32mm white
Leash Plug 32mm

our Leash Plug  with the measurements :

  • diameter (outer): 32mm
  • depth (outer):12,5mm
  • inner width: 20mm

available in the colors blackened white

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Futures Fin Box
Futures Fin Box

Here you get the classic Futures Fin Box in a high quality replica version.

The original Fin-Box, from Futures as Thruster set.

If you need a single Fin box just get in touch with us.

Product features:

  • unbeatable price
  • best footing in foam/ fiber and raisin
  • 0 degrees angel
  • exact fit for all futures fins
  • Inner measurements 11,5mm lenght, width 7,5mm, depth 19mm (9mm)
  • EPS/ epoxy and PU/ polyester compatible
  • ultra light
  • smal contour to minimize the impact on tail rocker and rocker flex

For wholesale prices and any questions please contact us under


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Wax Comb
Wax Comb and Scraper with Fin key

It does include a Fin key and the stokedforlife wax combs will freshen up your wax a treat or scrape it off effortlessly when the time comes.

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