side fins or sets of two as well for quart set ups

GL FCS Side Fin
GL FCS Side Fin front fit
Our GL FCS side fin is the alternative to the more costly honeycomb fins is our nylon fin.

Please be aware that this specific fin sits approximately 1 inch further to the front then the usual GL fin.

Very effektive ins mal to medium high Waves specially for Longboards as side fins or in a quad set up.


  • very economic due to material and cost effective production.
  • in the colours “nature” and black
  • 2er set  Side Bite
  • size: 3″ 5/8 (93mm) depth
  • little flex.
  • fits all FCS fin plugs.
  • ideal for longboards
  • ideal for quads as a front/ back option.
  • fits the needs in rivers as on beaches/ riffs.


not rated 15,90 15,95  incl. VAT.

incl. VAT

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Kunstoff Site Finnen G5
Nylon Fin FCS Base G5 site bites set of 2
Our Nylon Fin FCS Base G5 site bites set of 2 are the more economic alternativ to the expensive GFK fin’s.
They offer you a very effektiv grip in low to medium swells. Less flex with our extra strong material and a very competitive pricing.
  • economic pricing through low coast marketing.
  • pink or turquoise
  • site bite ( set of 2)
  • size G5: 4″ 5/8 (115mm)
  • less flex due to our extra strong material.
  • fits all FCS Fin boxes.
  • good versatility usability from beach break to point break.
not rated 17,95  incl. VAT.

incl. VAT

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